The Company was founded in 1994, focused on the local assembly of high-and low-voltage switchgear.

As a result of the successful cooperation with many energy companies, industrial companies and public-sector clients, the Company is expanding its operations worldwide.

The business area has been expanded by the tasks planning and commissioning of high and low voltage switchgear and service. The Company has currently about 50 employees.

To carry out local assembly and commissioning, the Company is equipped with 25 well-equipped workstations and service vehicles.

The Company performs World-wide services and commissioning services. Short-term projects from China to Guinea and Norway to Spain were successful in recent years.

An international base was established in Malaysia to accommodate fast and reliable service.

The production of cabinets (protection and control cabinets for high voltage switchgear) is located in its own workshop.

The design of high-and low-voltage switchgear is carried out at six CAD workstations, which are operated with experienced engineers.

Through the expansion of the business segment the company could develop the service provider for local assemblies to complex supplier of high-and-low-voltage switchgear. This could open up new markets.

By working with Germany’s large electrical companies and utilities, long-term cooperation agreements could be established.